SSM Health St. Francis Hospital - Maryville, Nursing Stories


"I began working at SSM Health as an ER tech in college to help me get experience in acute care while I was in nursing school and LOVED it. I continued my schooling to get my MSN in nursing education. I am very thankful for the support of my coworkers and supervisors during all of this and the financial support from SSM Health to pay for most of the tuition. I stay at SSM Health St. Francis Hospital - Maryville because of the close knit, family-like environment. My coworkers are my friends."

- Lacy Auffert, RN, Clinical Education

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"I'm a registered nurse and I've worked in Iowa, Wyoming and Texas. Before SSM Health St. Francis Hospital - Maryville, I never remained at one hospital for longer than six years. I have been working here for 20 years and plan to retire from this position. The people here at SSM Health St. Francis are what make it special. My coworkers are my family and I always know that if I need help, they will be there for me like I am for them."

- Jackie Ross, RN, Community Resource Nurse

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"I continue to work at SSM Health St. Francis Hospital - Maryville because of the people, many are like my family, I truthfully couldn't imagine starting out and being anywhere else. My coworkers are the most caring people I have ever had the privilege of knowing, let alone getting to work with. I received all my health care needs at this hospital growing up and really looked up to the people that took care of me. And many of them are still here, that should tell you quite a bit about the longevity of our staff."

- Sharon Paxson, RN