SSM Health at Home, Nursing Stories

"The supportive and positive staff here at SSM Health at Home and Post-Acute is a huge reason I remain at this facility. Since my very first day of orientation, everyone has been kind, helpful and positive. An optimistic work environment and supportive co-workers makes all the difference when learning a new system and job duties. Staff here at SSM Health have gone above and beyond. I have felt welcomed since my very first day."

- Latonya Byrd, RN, Health at Home

"I love that SSM Health is a non-for-profit organization and feel that the Mission supports my personal feeling that being a nurse is not just an occupation, it is a calling from God. SSM Health at Home and Post-Acute provides an environment where their employees can provide exceptional care. This care is not just provided to our patients, but to each other as well. I live the Mission by showing compassion and respect to my staff and our patients."

- Laura Swank, RN, Hospice Manager

"I work with extraordinary individuals at SSM Health at Home and Post-Acute care to tirelessly provide exceptional health care to each of our patients. If my patient is in need of something that allows them to be content or safe in their home, I help them receive it. Also, I'm impressed by the SSM Health Mission statement: Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God."

- Janet Whittler, RN, Case Manager

"I'm blessed to work for SSM Health at Home and Post-Acute. I enjoy what I do as a hospice case manager and I feel respected as a loyal and experienced nurse. I work with wonderful team members who are dedicated and compassionate. Although our hospice patients cannot be "healed," I feel my faith and God's presence allows me to offer the best nursing care possible during a difficult, life changing event in many lives."

- Jan Baggett, RN, Hospice Staff Nurse