Meet Lynne

​​Lynne has been with SSM Health for 15 years, all as a graphic designer. She started with SSM Rehabilitation Network in 2000, where she worked for nine years. From there, she became part of the SSM Health St. Louis marketing and communications group, followed by the system marketing and communications group in 2013.

Since 1978, Lynne's entire career has been in health care graphic design. Her favorite parts about her job are the people she works with and the variety of projects she gets to work on. "Coming up with a new idea and getting it out to the public is what brings me to work every day," she says. "I love driving down the road and passing a billboard I worked on."

Lynne' s favorite projects are invitations because she says they often celebrate people and projects she believes in and offer her artistic freedom and creativity. She also enjoys being part of the SSM Health culture, which always "walks the walk." "Even though we don't work directly in patient care, we're still getting the word out about the great care SSM Health staff provides."


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